Thermal Ticket-In Ticket-Out (TITO) Tickets

Slot Tickets

We believe our thermal slot tickets are the best in the business. We have an excellent reputation in New South Wales for the quality and consistency of our product.

Our tickets are better because they are:

  • Made from 100% top quality Japanese thermal paper manufactured by Kanzaki Specialty Papers (A division of Oji Paper).
  • Approved by Transact Technologies – producer of Ithaca printers.
  • Converted and overprinted by one of America’s leading paper convertors.
  • Can be overprinted with any logo or promotional material.

To find out how good our products are - ask our customers. We provide plain and overprinted tickets to some of Australia’s largest venues. We will happily provide references upon request.

Let us send you a free sample – call us today on 1800 257 358.